We are coming up on a year living here in our targeted area. Where has the time gone? It has been awhile since I really sat down and reflected here on the journal. I wanted to record some thoughts I have had lately.

Our home

I absolutely love where we live. One year ago, we were about to see the “other side” of our first floor home. I was so nervous about what it would be like. It really couldn’t be any more perfect. Greg and I joke about the day that we will be kicked out of here because our landlords will need the first floor (they are elderly and climb stairs to get into their second floor home). It could happen, but it will make me really sad. I love the Pintos, and I love the layout of our home.

Our neighborhood

I was walking home yesterday from a meeting with Rachel and Larissa. It is a good 15 minute walk. Everything about my walk felt normal. I can remember 2 years before moving here walking the same exact streets with my teammates not having a clue that one day they would be “my streets.” I ran into Stephanie and Kimberly on the sidewalk before our street. We greeted and chatted for a minute. I said my hellos to the park ladies. People know me here. This is my hood. People still give me stares like “who is this strange white woman” more often than not. But I typically always have someone recognize me when I go out around my house. Nacho cuts our hair (he is across the street). Ricardo always parks his taxi on our street corner (he always gives me a fair deal when I need a taxi–I ran into him one day at the park when he was with his granddaughter). Staphanie’s family takes up the entire block across from us (she is still my Barrio BFF)


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