Mayerli and Mollendo

We had a fun first of the week. We had been planning on going to the beach in Mollendo with our friend, Emilio. This past weekend was the last big weekend before school started and there were no hotels available. We decided not to go. I was actually sad and happy about that decision. We love the beach and I looked forward to spending time with Emilio’s family, but Ana had been invited to her best little buddy’s (from school) birthday party, Mayerli. As it turned out, we went to the party on Sunday, and we went for a quick one night trip to the beach Monday through Tuesday. It was just perfect for us.

Maggie has been a little out of sorts getting used to her new brace so sleeping perfectly would not be on our list of things she has done well this week. Aside from that, the party and trip were a lot of fun to do together as a family. Also, Rachel went with us to the beach. We took a 2 hour and 20 minute bus ride, stayed in a hotel right up from the beach, and got some sun. Unfortunately, we were unable to reach Emilio while there. Because most Peruvians started back to school and the Chile earthquake effects, there were not many people at the beach. It was so enjoyable.

Some pictures from the party…

Ana and Mayerli


Ana’s playgroup at the party (Kiarra, Mayerli, Raphaela, Ana)


We rented an umbrella and chairs for the time we were there (so cheap), and the second day we rented a little pool for Ana which was perfect for her. I love the “extras” they have here for the beach. In her new brace Maggie cannot fit into her stroller so I placed pillows underneath her. That was her bed for the trip.


Mayerli and Mollendo