AG’s Birthweek

Ana is definitely 3 with all the celebrating we did this week.

On her birthday…

1. Her class sang to her.
2. Her daddy started a tradition of a father/child lunch date (has Tim Henderson influenced my husband in any way?). Ana chose–I love this–“Hamburger King” as she calls it. That is Burger King for those that can’t translate the 3 year old’s title for it.
3. She received her gift from us, a nightstand and lamp. She will now have quite the setup for reading in bed.
On Wednesday it is tradition for the birthday girl (or guy) to have a cake and for the group to sing to them. We enjoyed our Wednesday night Bible Study group and the lovely treats they prepared.

On Friday…

1. We had Ana’s birthday party.
2. We invited several of our Peruvian friends that fill the role of aunts, uncles, and grandparents here in this foreign place. Several were not able to make it, but the ones that came were the team (our Gringo crowd), the Pintos, Cruzilda and Inez (and Inez’s 3 children), Stephanie, Alfredo, and Manuela.
3. Manuela prepared Atomotada (Ana’s favorite dish here). It was delicious like always. I was also very excited to show off Manuela’s “skills” to our other Peruvian friends–and they took notice.
4. Ana requested a strawberry cake this year (I used the recipe for Aunt Katy’s favorite strawberry cake). It turned out beautifully (you never know with the altitude), and you can never beat frosting with cream cheese.
5. While I was in the kitchen cutting the cake and Greg was making coffee, Manuela commented that we could start a 3-way restaurant: restaurant, pasteleria, and cafe. I thought that was so cute of her to say.
6. Although her birthday party was very Americanized we kept their cultural idea of not opening presents until after the guests left. Ana received some great gifts. It was a great activity to wake up to after taking a nap. 🙂
7. Just to document what she received: a tea set, a chocolate bunny, “Llama Llama Who Is Your Momma” with a CD, new underwear and pants, stick-on stars to decorate her window, Peruvian purses, and a Backyardigan DVD.

We had a great week of celebrating. Here are the pix…

AG’s Birthweek

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