MK–8 months


1. sleeping through the night (except for when her body is fighting off Roseola)
2. eating 3 “meals” a day, she really enjoys yogurt added to her veggies and fruit, LOVES puffs
3. her brace comes off in a month, but she tries to reach whatever is around her. I am amazed what the girl can do in the splits position.
4. wakes up around 6:30 in the morning, but I can go in to sit her up, place her tub of toys in front of her, and she will play another 20 min. or so
5. she loves touch-and-feel books
6. she now says DaDa way more than MaMa–oh well
7. she loves her baby doll. She will coo and laugh when I hand her the baby, and many mornings that I get her out of bed she has already found baby and is sucking on her fingers.
Comparison picture (Ana is also 8 months in her picture)…


What do you think? They are DEFINITELY sisters.

8. she loves social laughter. She will intently watch a conversation and when people laugh she joins in immediately like it was a really funny joke to her.
9. She has the sweetest “coy look.” She acts shy and buries her head into my chest when she sees someone after her nap. She will slowly peek up at them smiling and when she gets a reaction she buries her head again.
10. She can wave, but we are still practicing on the “wave on command.”
11. Her favorite game right now is playing ball. I can’t figure out how to put the video on here. I will post it later.

MK–8 months

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