Ever since last Wednesday night Maggie has been “teething.” I told Greg by Saturday that I HATED teething and that I never remembered Ana having such a hard time with it. I was for sure that MK was teething because she had all the symptoms they tell you to look for–blowing her lips, mild fever, diarrhea, only wanted to nurse, CRANKY. She hasn’t slept well during the night AT ALL, and she would take crazy long naps during the day.

Today she was scheduled to get a vaccination. She awoke at a decent time this morning (she woke up to nurse several times in the night but wasn’t as cranky as she has been). As I was holding her in our family room I noticed that her skin was splotchy on her face and down to her neck. I undressed her to find the rash all over her torso. Her little eyes have continued to redden and look swollen throughout the day. She ended up not getting her vaccination because she has roseola. Good news, now she should be immune.

Why didn’t anyone tell me that roseola symptoms are very close to teething symptoms? I took a picture of her with her eyes open but ended up deleting it accidentally. Can you see the rash? As the Peruvians would say, “Pobrecita!”



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