Two New Cultural Lessons

1. Peruvians are excellent gawkers and rubber neckers.

A bad wreck happened at the corner of our street and the park this afternoon. One of our large combis hit an SUV dead on slamming it into my neighbor Stephanie’s house. 3 people were injured on the combi and no one was injured in the vehicle. Sadly, the SUV driver was drunk and it happened around 4 pm. But check out this scene when I looked after hearing the thud…


2. I have decided that a ping pong table is an excellent ministry tool here in Arequipa.

I played with Stephanie the other day for quite awhile. Tonight, Greg invited the oldest two Pinto sons down to play. They had never played before, but after a few games they have improved tremendously. It is a great way for Greg to hang out or invite others to hang out with him here at the house. Of course, I will be getting in on the action as well. 🙂

For the record, we have always talked about getting a ping pong table. Both of us enjoy playing. Greg went into town for all of the equipment for the gincana (the carnival for the library kids). We were told that we could rent a table, but he couldn’t find anyone that rented them. We made a family decision to go ahead and buy one, and I am not sorry that we did. It has been a blast. There are times that just Greg and I play.


Two New Cultural Lessons

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