bible study

Yesterday was a good day. My heart is full. I have been praying for a deeper level in some of my relationships here. Only because of the Holy Spirit working (and he has to have the credit because my Spanish is still poor), “deeper” happened with some of those people. You know the feeling you get before you have to speak before a crowd of people or take a really big test that you have studied really hard for? It is a nervous feeling, almost an anxious feeling. After investing time and specifically praying to be used I really believe that God was glorified in these relationships.

Two new people came to study yesterday with Greg. Two of my friends here. They will continue to study on Saturday afternoons. Another friend is coming to my house for the first time this evening. This is a big step, because I only know her in her work setting. She was supposed to come last night but worked too late. I called, disappointed, thinking she had backed out. She apologized profusely explaining her Saturday work schedule, and said that since she works shorter hours on Sunday she would definitely be coming tonight. I am praying for “deeper” with her.

God is surely working in this place. One tries to follow the path, praying that God will be the guide and that he will be glorified. The Holy Spirit provides the words. After great anticipation things begin to happen. And it can only be credited to God’s hand. Well, things are happening.


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