Proverbs and Tea

Wow. So much has been going on in this head of mine lately. There are times in my life when I know that I am coming through a molding process. I go through highs and lows, but my faithful Father never leaves me, and sometimes I just need to step it up my ownself.

I feel so encouraged right now by my Shiloh family back home. In my last newsletter article, I expressed for the umpteenth time how frustrated I am with my lack of Spanish speaking. I am to the point in so many relationships where I want to go further, deeper, but lack of vocabulary deters me from doing so. I will admit to you that studying my Spanish has not been at the very top of my priority list. The main reason for this is because I have had an infant to care for, a 2 year old on summer break, and all the other chores that come with being a mom, wife, and worker on the team. Maggie is almost 8 months old, Ana started back to school, and I am very motivated to get back into the swing of things. I have a really neat story that happened yesterday that I plan to share in this month’s newsletter. Let’s just say that God certainly does his share of encouraging me when I feel so inadequate at times.

Kyle’s parents, David and Virginia, have been here this week. They are part of our Shiloh family and delivered a care package to us. In that package was a large bag with an assortment of tea bags. I have been on a tea drinking kick lately. Each tea bag contains a card with a verse. On the back of each card is a note of encouragement from a Shiloh member. The deal is that before I drink my cup of tea I have to pull off the card, translate the verse into Spanish, and then drink it. I was excited to see what the first tea bag would be, and I have to say it couldn’t be any more perfect…

Proverbs 12:25

An anxious heart weighs a man down, but a kind word cheers him up. (and thank you, Kacia Parker, for your very sweet message)

Proverbios 12:25

La angustia abate el corazn del hombre, pero una palabra amable lo alegra.

For the record, my tea bag is peppermint (good to soothe the stomach), and I begin taking classes again on Monday morning. Thanks to all of you that have prayed for me and are continuing to do so.

Proverbs and Tea

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