Little Miss Social Bug

Ana does a great job playing by herself. But she is a social bug. She doesn’t want to be left out of anything. Here are a couple of examples lately that I wanted to document.

Manuela is very close to our family, and Ana loves her so much. Manuela drinks hot chocolate every morning that she works here before starting the day. In the last month a new tradition has started. I am sad that Ana starts to school soon, because she won’t be able to carry it out. Ana requests to sit in her “brown chair” (her high chair) in the kitchen with Manuela to drink her hot chocolate as well. The two begin the morning socializing over their warm cups of drink. I think this is so cute.

Do you think she is a morning person by the look of that face? 🙂


I try to get together with my neighbor once a week to do something. Her younger sister came with her last night. This week, we made pizza together and just visited while preparing it and eating it. Who was all up in the middle of our conversation? You guessed it. Here is Ana with Stephanie and Kimberly.

AG the “Pepperoni Girl”


Little Miss Social Bug

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