I spoke too soon…

Well, Maggie was measured for her new brace. Greg went to pick it up yesterday. This evening we take her to the doctor for him to make sure it fits properly. I have a bunch of questions. This is what Greg brought home yesterday…


It basically looks like her other harness except without the leg braces. Oh, and one other major difference. That blue and white part is hard plastic. It looks like her legs will be in the splits for sure. I have tried to look up information on this thing, but I haven’t had a ton of luck. Have any of you had experience with this? I think it is called a Hewson brace. I have read that it is the step down from the other harness and that it is less restrictive, but I don’t see how that is possible. Apparently, Maggie is big enough to damage her shoulders from kicking the foot part on the other harness (since it is attached to a vest).

I am so thankful that the harness worked the past 2 months. I read of many cases where the harness didn’t do anything for the child and surgery had to be performed. Also, Greg commented to me this morning that he has loved holding her without the brace on the last couple of days. “Me too!” was my answer to that. She is the sweetest little thing. And though the time was short, we enjoyed putting her in her feeding seat. I am thinking that we can’t do that in her new brace. I am curious to ask the doctor if we can take it off more often than the other.

feeding seat

I spoke too soon…

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