Big Fat Update

1. We had so much rain today! This was the most rain in one afternoon I have ever witnessed here in Arequipa. I spent a good bit of the rain storm sweeping water out of one side of our house (the water drains in to that side). Ana had a blast playing in the water that we rarely get. Here is our “wet hair” picture.


And I don’t know if this picture really captures what I want it to, but the buckets you see were catching water from the upstairs (where the Pintos live). We emptied those suckers 3 or 4 times. Crazy water! Oh, and the red part is where the water drained in to the other side.



Maggie is out of her harness!!! We had “drama at the doctor’s office: part 1000”–so maybe I am exaggerating a little bit, but we did wait 4 HOURS at the office. I got to say that I kind of forgot about that part when the doctor looked at her Xrays and said that she didn’t need the harness anymore. She had dysplasia on both sides. One side is totally healed and the other side is a few degrees off. We take her tomorrow to be fitted for the “double diaper” device. I am pretty sure she can move around in it. I am excited to see her when she figures out she doesn’t constantly have to work on the splits. I do want to say that in those 4 hours (3:30-7:30) neither of my girls had their afternoon naps and we didn’t experience a single cry session–thank you God for content children; you know exactly what I need. 🙂 Introducing Maggie “Chubby Legs” McKinzie. (I know. Her shirt looks gross. Can you tell where the harness was?)

Oh, and I should share that I dressed her in a long sleeved, long legged sleeper (she hasn’t worn pants in 2 months) tonight. I just loved on her and squeezed her. She is the cutest little chunk. I am a little biased.


Big Fat Update

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