MK–7 months

Time is flying. Maggie Kate turned 7 months old yesterday. I cannot believe that she is more than halfway to being one! I decided that the 6 month mark is where it really gets fun. I enjoy the little baby stage, but I really enjoy when the baby can interact. Here are the 7 month markers I can think of…

1. Maggie LOVES to eat. So far, she has eaten sweet potato, white potato, zucchini, broccoli, carrot, spinach, green beans, mango, peach, banana, plum, and avocado. The only one she has not liked is avocado. She is also doing well on her sippy cup practice.

2. Maggie is a good napper. She takes three naps. Sort-of schedule: wakes up to eat at 5 am, back to sleep, wakes up to be with big sis and solids breakfast at 7 am, naps from 8-10:30, naps from 12:30-2:30, naps from 4-6:30. Goes to bed between 7-8:30. Since we started solids she sleeps through the night.

3. sounds: “D”, “M”, “B.” She doesn’t know what she is saying, but she says “Mama” a lot. I pretend she knows what that word means, though. 🙂

4. We are practicing the food sign language. She thinks we are so funny when we sign “all done.”

5. We go for her first check-up this coming week. She has worn the harness for 2 months. It STINKS so bad! I am not allowed to wash it (she can’t have it off that long). I have tried putting hand sanitizer on the stinky areas, but we are definitely going to buy another one if she has to continue to wear it.

6. Maggie does well sitting up, but because of her brace she can’t really get up if she falls back. She is still a pro-reacher. And a pro-stretcher (she does a mean splits).

7. She LOVES Ana. I am loving this age because she interacts so much with Ana. They laugh at each other, and both of them irritate each other already. I think Maggie is picking up on how to agitate her sister (tugging on hair, tickling).

8. We are 2 for 2 on VERY ticklish daughters.

9. Ana’s eyes squint up like mine, but when I look into her eyes I see McKinzie. When I look into Maggie’s eyes, she reminds me of my side, the Bills. I saw a photo of Ana when she was this age the other day. Maggie still reminds me a lot of Ana as a babe.

10. Maggie has just started fussing when certain people pick her up (like attachment anxiety). She is definitely a momma’s girl, but she interacts more with Greg than I remember Ana doing.

11. She is discovering her higher vocals. She also does this thing where she shakes her voice (sounds like a billy goat). She is very “verbal” right now. She likes for people to know she is around.

12. One of my new favorite things is bathtime. We don’t have a bathtub in our home so we use a store bought tub. I fit both girls in it this past week. I bathe Maggie, place her in her bed to play, and bathe Ana. Greg has several nights that he is gone for Bible studies so I have to bathe the two of them without help. I now have a system.

the bathtime headshots


see how tiny that tub is? (I know, they will kill me later for posting this)


7 months of sweetness


MK–7 months

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