Sorry for the catchy title. To keep you informed…

1. Rachel is here! Rachel moved here and will be an apprentice for 2 years. We are so thankful and excited that she is finally here, and we look forward to getting to know her better and seeing how God uses her for his work here. She has already found her apartment (unfurnished), but she has chosen to live with both of the families for a little while to get to know us better. Currently, she resides with us.

2. We are working on a back-to-school bash for the library kids and families. I am excited to see how it all turns out, but I have been placed in charge of the delegating and am enjoying it so far. It will occur sometime the beginning of March (don’t forget that our summer break is coming to an end).

3. We had an enjoyable Valentine’s Day. They celebrate the day of love here in Peru. I was surprised with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a long love letter (thank you sweet husband), and we ate our favorite sandwhich in the city (called the Saltimboca). Ana, Rachel, and I made heart-shaped and flower-shaped cookies (using the red sprinkles left from our Christmas decorating). It was an enjoyable day.

4. Valentine’s Day fell on Carnaval this year. Carnaval is a celebration held before Easter (basically of everything the flesh enjoys). However, the traditions vary country to country. I am not sure what all Carnaval entails here, but there is a major tradition dealing with water. Lots of groups of young people walk around the city (many with faces painted black) and slug any other pedestrian with water balloons, water buckets, flour, silly string, etc. This is our first Carnaval in our neighborhood. We were in the thick of it this year! But the kids were having so much fun. We rode in a taxi to the sandwich place and watched the car in front of us squirt silly string at every poor, defenseless person on the sidewalk. But it was hilarious!

In the afternoon, the Pintos were having a blast up above us. One of the older sons (who is older than me) was sneaking up on the women and throwing water on them. I could not resist. We are on the bottom floor and can look up to their second floor and talk (like an outer hallway). I got my bucket ready, waited for Antonio to sneak around to get the women in the room and flung my bucket up at him. I scored!… but immediately I got the water thrown down on me (more than one bucket). So, I got a little taste of the tradition of throwing water.

OK, that sums it up for now. Happy Belated Valentines Day everyone!


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