Ana’s “kids”

This reminds me of my oldest nephew, Joshua, referring to my brother’s youthgroup as “the kids.” I work with “the kids” at the library events we host here, and Ana asks me if I am going to see “the kids.” Well, in her make-believe world she has “kids.” For the last 3 weeks she has gone from being the “momma” to her baby dolls to “teaching her kids at the library.” The other day I took the opportunity to take a picture and tell me the name of her kids. From right to left there is Ana, Shaye Rebecca Smith (she said our teammates’ daughter’s complete name), Stephanie (one of my friends here in the neighborhood) and Baby Cora (our newest team member). She talks to the kids and sings and teaches them things. I love this stage of pretending. Also, Ana has just lately been talking to an imaginary friend, Allie. I don’t know how long this will go on, or if Allie will stick around, but she has full-blown conversations with the girl. Allie is always waiting outside on the patio for her. I guess it is a good thing to have such an imagination when momma is tending to the little sister or doing house chores.


Ana’s “kids”

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