Adventures in Baby Food

I have said and will say again that I LOVE the fresh produce we get year-round and the PRICES. There are a few stores here that sell baby food jars, but it is usually the basic fruits and it is a little pricey. So I have entered in to the adventure of making home-made baby food, and it is wonderful. (1) It really isn’t that hard. (2) For where I live, it is ridiculously cheap.

Many of my friends that check this site have little ones–you should try this! It isn’t economical for everything in the states (for example: non-seasonal fruit), but if you can take an hour one afternoon to peel fruit and cook some veggies, that is all the time you need to prepare homemade babyfood. I have used several different websites for tips and ideas. I freeze mine in ice trays and then remove and place in a zip lock bag. After 30 seconds in the microwave, I mix the partially melted ice cube with rice cereal or oatmeal and it is a go!

Many of you have tried this or are already doing it. I guess I never realized how EASY it really is. My mom is going to send me a hand mill which is supposed to be awesome when Maggie can eat just about anything. I look forward to that.

So far, Mags really likes mango (my favorite baby food so far–it is so creamy), plums, banana (why does anyone buy jarred banana? All you need is a fork to mash it.), peach, avocado, green beans, spinach, and sweet potato. I started with fruit (because it was so easy to prepare) and was nervous that Maggie wouldn’t go for the greens. Manuela told me to cook the green beans and spinach together with a bouillon cube–she LOVED it. I was also taught that the greener the better. Do you notice how green the cubes turned out?

Does anybody out there have some other tips they can pass on to this girl getting into the adventure?

plum and mango cubes (to the left)/ green beans and organic spinach (to the right)–it looks gross I know


Adventures in Baby Food

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