Shiloh, you guys are awesome!

My GREAT friend, Ruth, emailed me a little while back and asked for me to make a wish list of items we enjoy receiving here and miss from the states. Her words in the email, “Let your imagination soar.” Ruth has sent us care packages while we have lived here so I assumed she wanted a list for her personal use. 🙂 Ruth, you are so sly!

David and Diane, Larissa’s parents, arrived this past weekend and they told us they had an entire suitcase for us from Shiloh Road (one of our supporting churches). We were so elated to find an entire suitcase filled with items that we enjoy so much and messages written on the items from Shiloh members. What a great idea and a wonderful way to make your missionaries feel loved and appreciated. We thank you so very much!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! Below is Ana with the loot, and a picture of some of the sweet messages we received…


Shiloh, you guys are awesome!

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