Pop and Gram are here!

Well, they made it. I guess I have been a little late in posting, but we have been enjoying ourselves. My dad had not seen us in over a year; Mom was here for the birth of Maggie. I love Skype. Ana didn’t hesitate to run to her Pop’s arms when they arrived. It was such a sweet reunion. My dad is a big, burly man, but it doesn’t take much to bring tears to his eyes–especially seeing his grandgirls (one for the very first time). We have just relaxed and spent quality time together. Ana has been talking about going to the park with Pop and Gram for about 6 months now. That is where we went today. Dad has attended one of our library Bible studies, and tonight the whole family will attend the Wednesday night study. Our big plan is to hangout. Just simply that. I will post a slideshow for family to see at the end of their stay. Here are a few moments captured so far…

Pop and AG


Maggie meets Pop


Maggie is so much bigger. Gram is really good at getting a smile out of her.


Gram is a GREAT help at the park.


Group shot


Pop and Gram are here!

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