First MK Slumber Party

(“MK” stands for “missionary kid” and not Maggie Kate in this context.)

Shaye’s new little sister arrived today (more details to come on the Smith family site). Kyle and Larissa dropped her with us in the wee hours of the morning, and she has been part of the McKinzie family all day… and tonight. First of all, I have a new respect for mothers with twins. Second, the girls did very well (except for their usual bickering). Third, they were so cute tonight. They got ready for bed together, and then just got ridiculously giddy with each other–like a girls’ slumber party. So I couldn’t resist. They are in separate beds (Shaye is on her bunkbed matress), but Shaye is “sleeping over.” This is their very first slumber party and I had to document with pictures. After the pictures, the girls said a joint prayer and each picked one song to sing. (Shaye: We Shall Assemble; Ana: I am a Sheep) They really can be such sweet girls.


First MK Slumber Party

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