MK—6 months

Tomorrow Maggie turns 6 months old. That is hard to believe…

Thanks, Dori, for my totally rockin’ sunglasses (very important to have in Arequipa). I wore them for the first time today on a family outing. Can you tell I want to be like my big sis?


Other things going on…

1. When I am tired I rub my eyes or pull my hair around my ear. I also nussle whoever is holding me.

2. I have outgrown my Snuggly (good thing Gram is bringing my momma a new and improved sling).

3. I drool a ton. If you haven’t noticed, my mom can’t seem to remember to wipe my chin off before she takes my picture.

4. I take 3 naps a day. My morning nap is usually close to 3 hours (my mom thinks that is pretty awesome). On the other hand, I still like to get up around 5:30.

5. I hit the sack around 7, but if my parents keep me up I do well wherever I am. I attended the first Bible study at the new library location this week. The study began at 7 pm.

6. I am a huge hit with the Peruvians. I am pretty sure that I will have plenty of surrogate grandmothers when our time here is said and done.

7. My momma hates that I can’t learn to roll over yet because of my brace. I, on the other hand, am turning into quite the gymnast. Just look below at how well I do the splits. And I reach over and around me for my toys with the best of ’em.

8. I LOVE my activity block that I got for Christmas. My mom highly recommends it to others like me. It folds up, it is a toy in and of itself with different textures, tags, and things to pull on, and it converts to a block that holds my other toys–great to take to another house.

9. I don’t enjoy the written word to its fullest yet, but I love to look through and chew on a good board book.

10. I love my first baby doll that Memaw sent to me. I will sit up in my bed and coo and talk to her.

11. My sister can get me to laughing and we are like two giggle boxes.

12. I can’t wait to meet my Pop for the first time this coming week.

doing the splits and reading my book


lovin’ my activity block with total concentration


MK—6 months

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