My Birth Week

28 years old. Man that sounds old to me. Besides hosting Larissa’s baby shower, this is what else went on during my birth week…

1. I met Manuela’s granddaughter, Fio, for the first time. She brought her to work with her, and Ana had a blast having a playmate. I am convinced that they got every toy that Ana owns out of its place.

2. The second library was inaugurated. 2 down, 2 more to go.

3. I turned 28 on Friday! The Smith’s watched the girls for us after the inauguration so we could have time to eat dinner by ourselves. Greg took me to my favorite restaurant, Zig Zag. It was delicious, once again.

4. Greg and Kyle went out to Naranjal for the first Bible study. 22 were in attendance. I stayed home with the girls so I could go later in the afternoon…

5. …to Emilio’s family’s home. His uncle used to be a preacher but his church dwindled down. We were going to meet with them, converse and study the Bible. We were so excited about this meeting, but Emilio ended up having to work.

6. We ended up taking Ana to the park. In this past year, Ana’s love has gone from the trampoline, to the slides, and now to climbing. She did the monkey bars for the first time and LOVES it. She loves to climb.

7. I bought some fruit at our Sunday market on the way home to the park. THEY’RE BACK! Big plums and yummy peaches–I love the fresh produce here.


My Birth Week

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