An Eventful Night

We had quite a day (Saturday). Kyle, Larissa, and Shaye came over for our team Christmas celebration. It is always enjoyable to have some time to hang-out together and not think about Spanish. Greg prepared all of the food for the day. 🙂 He served a big tray of olives, cheeses, and crackers for our appetizer (so yummy). We were able to visit and talk while the three girls took their naps. After naptime we exchanged presents, and then we waited for dinner time. Larissa and I sat outside and enjoyed the girls out on the patio. Despite their many squabbles with each other, they can be really cute together at times. They started riding the tricycle together. After I took a picture I remembered back to taking a similar picture nearly a year ago. See how they have grown?

Greg prepared the McKinzie traditional shrimp gumbo for dinner. We had our first gathering with both Jose Luis (who was recently baptized) and Emilio (who is part of the study at the hotel). After a time of communion and worship we discussed a lot of things regarding the future of the church here and dreams that we have. It was a wonderful start.

We said the closing prayer, and in the midst of our goodbyes to each other we all heard a violent knock on our door. Mr. Pinto came running down our patio hallway frantically asking for Greg and Kyle. I thought for sure that our combi had been broken into outside. It turned out that Luzmilla (a good friend and neighbor to the Smiths) had found our home and rushed over to tell them that someone was trying to break into their home. The guys left immediately, and Larissa and I held the McKinzie fort with the girls. I know that once Kyle and Larissa have their internet up and running again they will post much more details–it really is an amazing story. I will tell you that they caught the robbers IN the house WITH the stuff. We are so thankful that the police got there in time (which is very rare here in Arequipa). Stay tuned for a good story on the Smith blog.

Here are a couple of pictures from the evening:

What can happen in 10 months. Haven’t they grown!


Our time together over gumbo


An Eventful Night

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