A Peruvian McKinzie Christmas 2009


Wednesday night–We celebrated with our Bible Study Group with a festive meal. The girls received presents.

Thursday morning–Ana helped me bake candied pecans (for Greg) and Giant Ginger Cookies (we took a plate to the Pintos)

Christmas Eve Night–Judith and Alfredo invited us to their family Christmas. What an honor. The dinner didn’t start until 10:30 (they traditionally eat at midnight here) but the food was delicious–fresh avocado, apple sauce, a bean salad, and smoked turkey. Judith and Alfredo gifted the girls with dolls; Maggie received her very first stuffed teddy bear from them. It was very special to be part of their family Christmas. When seeing the love and closeness of her family members and their gift exchange it made me really miss home.

We arrived home at 10 minutes until midnight. Both of the girls were asleep and stayed asleep through the ridiculously loud noises of fireworks (traditionally everyone shoots off fireworks at midnight on Christmas Eve). Greg and I went outside to watch the display with the Pintos. We learned that they were waiting for us to eat their Christmas dinner. Even though we were absolutely stuffed, we ate dinner #2 with the Pintos. They were so kind to invite us into their home for that special time. They had the biggest nativity I have ever seen.

We got back down to our home at 1 am and started getting the girls’ Christmas together. Ana got 2 small soccer goals that Greg had to assemble. We ended up going to bed at 2:30.

Christmas Day–Ana and Maggie got up around 6:30 with me. I prepared our traditional Christmas morning cinnamon rolls. Ana went to wake Greg up and the girls had their Christmas. Ana got the soccer goals and a new art cart and Maggie got an exersaucer and a toy basket. We had a lot of fun with them.

The day was very low key and enjoyable. I prepared our Christmas brunch for dinner (eggs, bacon, and garlic/cheese grits casserole). Greg made his annual Christmas Shrimp Gumbo. We are going to eat it tomorrow with Kyle and Larissa for our team Christmas celebration.

I think that sums it up. 🙂

A Peruvian McKinzie Christmas 2009

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