I Love Zig Zag

So we went on our anniversary date last night. Since I already posted about our anniversary, I wasn’t planning on a major post but I had to share something. I have a new favorite restaurant! I need to begin by telling Dori (a fellow missionary friend here) that I am sorry. I should have listened to you a long time ago. She has been singing the praises of Zig Zag for a very long time and telling us what wonderful food they have. She was right… times 10. 🙂

Something Greg and I love to share is good cuisine. I also like to share this with my big brother (this post is for you too, Pat). We compared Zig Zag to Emile’s in Tullahoma. It is definitely influenced by the French (the owners also run the crepe restaurant if you have been there with us). They have all kinds of grilled entrees and delicious sides. I loved the sauces. I am just going to share our menu for the night. Allow your tastebuds to water, and enjoy the photos.

We started off with the complimentary olive/cheese/dried beef platter–extra yummo. We requested another.

We ordered our entrees which came with the house salad and a side.

Greg ordered a beef steak (medium of course) which was excellent with a baked potato on the side. His sauces were a garlic sauce and a delicious sour cream blended with herbs (we can’t buy sour cream here).

I ordered a tuna steak (so good, Dad!) with a side of mashed potatoes. My sauces were garlic and a delicious honey dip that I devoured with my fish.

The salad had lettuce, dried tomatoes, walnuts, goat cheese, croutons, and a dressing that tasted like walnut. It was so good.

I should mention that the bread was excellent and it was served with an herb, garlic butter spread.

We didn’t get to do dessert this time because we had to go pick up the girls. The portions were perfect, and we were very content afterwards. If you plan on visiting us here from now on, plan to go to Zig Zag as one of your restaurant choices here.


I Love Zig Zag

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