The Verdict

Just to remind those of you at home how Peru is NOT like the states:

1. We leave the house at 4:45 for our 5:00 appointment. We arrive on time to the doctor’s office.

2. We are informed that he doesn’t practice at the main office on Mondays. Apparently you are supposed to automatically know this when you call for the first time. We get directions to his other office.

3. We have the appointment. He tells us we need a more recent Xray. He gives us directions to the nearest Xray clinic.

4. We have Maggie Xrayed (they don’t protect her ovaries at this clinic either). We receive the results after waiting for 15 minutes. Not bad.

5. We return to the doctor. He looks over the Xray and explains that Maggie’s dysplasia has not corrected itself and has worsened a little. He tells us we need to purchase the harness and gives us the directions to the store that sells harnesses.

6. We travel to get the harness. The store is supposed to be open, but the owner is gone. Greg calls a number on the window and she says she will be there in 5 minutes (she was attending mass).

7. She shows up about 10 minutes later, and gives us the harness and really long socks.

8. We taxi it back over to the doctor’s office and he has us come back for the final time.

9. He puts the harness on Maggie and shows us where to buckle the belts. He explains that she must wear it at all times (except for bathing) and return in 2 months for a check-up. She cannot wear pants with the harness (that is what the long socks are for). I make a joke that we are starting early with soccer socks. 🙂

10. We arrive home with our harnessed infant (who usually goes to bed at 7) and our champion 2 year old who goes to bed at 8:30. It is 8:30. I put MK to bed, we eat dinner, AG almost falls asleep on the couch.

*I told my mom that the reason many missionary families are so close is because they spend a lot of time together in waiting rooms.

Mission accomplished. We have sealed the deal. The harness isn’t as binding as I thought. Maggie can still sit in the corner of the couch in our favorite position. I can change her diaper (although it is a little bit awkward) without taking the harness off. I think she will be able to sit in the baby sling still.

I am thankful for Maggie’s health and the smile that she gives us from her contentment with life. Thank you for praying for our second daughter. Her hip will heal over the course of the next few months and we will be so thankful. Now for a picture:

Presenting Maggie “Gump” and “Lieutenant Da-add”


The Verdict

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