MK—5 months


Greg and I celebrated 5 years, we are 5 days from Christmas, and Maggie is 5 months old today! Thanks to so many of you that have commented, called, and emailed regarding Maggie’s hip dysplasia. We go to the doctor to hear what her treatment should be tomorrow evening. Whatever the outcome, Maggie is a healthy baby.

I am loving round 2 of having a baby and going through all of the stages again. Here is the 5 month report:

1. Maggie can almost support herself sitting up for longer periods. She loves to position herself in yoga positions and play with her feet.

2. She is such a content little baby. Crying does happen, but for the most part, her “cry” is more of an agitated “talk.”

3. She spends a lot of time in the baby sling. She comes to the market with me, the grocery store, out to hang clothes, to her sister’s activities… If I have her in the sling, she gives me no problem. She sleeps in it when she can.

4. Since being sick with that cold, naps have not been going well. We are finally at 2 nights in a row for only waking once.

5. She will not take a pacifier and hasn’t been partial to any digits yet. I like this in some ways. The bad part is that I end up being her pacifier when she needs the soothing. We need to work on that.

6. She has the social laugh down with me. I can fake laugh and she will continue to laugh right back. It is so much fun. Oh, and she has inherited her mother’s ticklish genes for sure.

7. We still swaddle her.

8. She has really started to enjoy reaching and grabbing for things. Hair may be her favorite item. Her sister still doesn’t understand that if she puts her hair in hand’s reach, it will be pulled.

9. She loves her big sister. I love to see how Maggie lights up when Ana comes over to talk to her or play with her.

10. I don’t have her measurements, but she is definitely wearing her 6-9 month clothing right now. She isn’t the fattest baby in the world, but she has her rolls to show off if she wants.

11. She has done well with trying rice cereal. We are practicing every now and then for now.

12. She is great for our ministry. People will take time to talk to us just because of Maggie sometimes, I think. They are always delighted to hear that she is “Arequipea.”

13. She craves attention (I don’t know what side of the family she gets this from). She will squawk at us and when we stop to look over at her she just smiles the biggest grin. It is like she is thinking, “Oh good. Now that I have your attention…”

14. I am pretty sure she will have teeth before Ana did. I have never seen so much drool coming from a 5 month old (Ana was very late going through this process).

15. Just like after Ana, I cannot imagine our lives here without her.

MK—5 months

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