An Update

As far as Maggie goes, this isn’t the update I had in mind…

1. On Sunday we attended the inauguration for Abraham. Great story–Abraham just recently returned to Arequipa from studying at Sunset School of Preaching in the states. He is currently looking for a job and lives with his parents. Abraham is about spreading the kingdom among his people and we have great respect for him. Greg has had multiple conversations with him and I got to visit with him one night over tacos (he likes Tex-Mex). We really like him. Abraham lives in Miraflores (the same district as us) in a community called “Por Venir.” Greg talked with him about our libraries and was very interested in starting one in Por Venir. It is now our largest library location.

Por Venir had their presidential election this past week. The candidates campaign for weeks. Someone recommended that Abraham run for office and they threw his name in the pot 5 days before the voting. He is now President Abraham. Isn’t that awesome! So we attended his inauguration. Greg made a little speech about our work and our desire to help their community through the library. We are excited to see where that all goes. My favorite part of attending the inauguration was the patriotism–“Viva Peru! Viva Arequipa! Viva Miraflores! Viva Por Venir!” I loved hearing the people shout this.

2. Tuesday was a holiday here. December 8 marks the celebration of Mary’s immaculate conception for the Catholics.

3. Maggie started coughing Tuesday afternoon and by midnight was running fever, having diarrhea, and not sleeping well. WE didn’t sleep that night. Today is Saturday and she is much better but still very sleepy. Her cough has kept her up at night. I really think that she caught whatever bug Ana had last week and it does much more damage in a 4 month old body. I think that a baby with a hoarse voice is one of the most pitiful things I have ever heard. So in that regard, it has been another long, sleepless week for us. We never were able to take her to the doctor so we still do not have her treatment. This coming week…

4. We have enjoyed seeing Rylan and Sheree Cox this week. They have been hanging out with the Smiths but we invited them over Thursday night to visit for a little while. We made Symphony Bar brownies in their honor. We always enjoy visitors from the states, and they were so sweet to make the trip with their 1 year old, Abbie Grace. They leave tonight.

5. I made my first-ever cheesecake (thanks for letting me use your pan Larissa). I used the recipe that was served at my big brother’s wedding (thanks Deborah), and my mom gave me a great recipe for a blueberry sauce. My oven ran out of gas while it was baking, but it ended up being very tasty and pretty. I was a big fan of the blueberry sauce. I made the cheesecake for Dr. Losada. She told me that her favorite food from the states was The Cheesecake Factory. She came to our home with her daughter and son and we had a very nice visit. She gave me a thumbs-up on the cheesecake and requested the recipe.

6. Today I am at home with the girls. Greg is helping with a soccer tournament at the Por Venir library location.

Pictures from the week (minus the soccer tounament)

An Update

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