Last week we went for Maggie’s 3 month check-up. She needed a vaccination from the doctor but he was out of it. I explained that I was getting her other vaccinations this week, and he said I could come on up to his office after those because he would have more. Also, it is routine for a baby here in Peru between the ages of 2 months and 4 months to have an X-ray of their hips to make sure they are developing correctly.

It is always a chore to go into town, and even more of a chore to go to the clinic. Read my posts on pregnancy check-ups. I thought I would kill 3 birds with one stone today. Maggie needed her X-ray, governemnt vaccinations (vacunas), and the vacuna from the doctor. The system is that the clinic only offers the free government vacunas on Wednesdays at a specific time. My doctor told me around 1 or 1:30. So, I took Maggie to have her X-ray at 12:00 so that I would be early for her vaccinations (I would rather wait on the front end than the back end). I make sure Greg can pick up Ana and haul my 3 month in a taxi to the clinic. The X-ray process was easy, but after the x-ray the lab technician informed me that vaccinations didn’t start until 2:30. Drat! So I called Greg and luckily he had time to swing by and pick me up on the way to get Ana.

We ate lunch, and I planned to be at the clinic at 2 (30 minutes early is what is recommended). I haul my 3 month old to the clinic (once again) and walk down to the basement level to find 20-30 people already standing in line! Peruvians AREN’T early. I ask someone and find out that the vaccinations begin at 2 pm… NOT 2:30 (remember my post about never asking for directions here?). So we sit. Almost 2 hours later, Maggie’s name is called. My daughter is a.w.e.s.o.m.e. She did not cry or fuss the entire time we were there. She cried when she got pierced in both legs, but as soon as I picked her up she was good to go. Bird #2 was down so we climbed the 4 flights of stairs to get to the doctor’s office for her last vacuna. Guess what? The office was closed down. I guess it shouldn’t surprise me. I am in Peru. Oh well. I guess I will make time to go to the clinic a third time tomorrow.
I am so thankful for the United States’ system of going to the doctor’s office. The next time you think to complain in the waiting room, think of the Peruvians and their multiple waiting rooms.


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