Analog—almost 2.5 years

I certainly don’tt want to leave AG out while this new baby is in the picture. I try to record things that Ana is doing throughout the stages so I won’t forget. Let’s see what I can recall:

1. Ana has such long hair right now. It is a big ordeal to brush the “tanglies” out every morning, but she always chooses her hairstyle–piggies, ponytail, braids, etc. Greg has always told Ana that he thinks she is so pretty. The other morning, I frenchbraided her hair, she went up to her Daddy and said, “Look Daddy. I am pretty!” I hope we haven’t told her that too much. 🙂

2. Ana wants to “watch.” This is code for her wanting to watch a DVD on Greg’s computer. Her favorite DVD’s right now are the old school Sesame Street collection that my mom got her for her birthday.

3. She LOVES “Nemo Snacks” (little packets of gummi snacks that Memaw started sending to her), Goldfish (also sent to us from the states), and now Orbit Gum. I refer to Ana as “Special Treat Head” because she is always asking us for a “special treat” (one of the above).

4. AG gets a special treat for using the potty. We have started potty-training full force this past week. She has been practicing at her preschool and off and on at home. Her prego Momma wasn’t too into it before MK was born though. She has pretty much mastered #1 at home (she gets three Nemo gummies for this action). Last night, she went #2 on her potty for the first time. This is an extra special treat–a half piece of Momma’s Orbit Gum (also sent from the states). Last night, we got so tickled at her because she was smacking away and kept saying, “Momma, I like this!”

Analog—almost 2.5 years

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