Back From Lima

We made it safely back from Lima this evening. We left this past Tuesday (we were actually able to take the same flight as Mom and Katy). Thank you so much to the sweet Thompson Family who housed us the entire time. They are part of the Lima team and are supported by Fairlane Church of Christ (that info is for my Cedar Lane family). Allison Thompson is due with their second child in less than 2 weeks so we are very thankful for their willingness to take us in. We can’t wait to hear that Baby T is here Justin and Allison!
Here is what we accomplished this week:

1. We started our visa process. We hired a guy that we contacted through the Lima team that seems to have an “in” with the Peruvian system for getting visas. We return in 6 weeks to finalize our permanent resident visas and start on the girls’.
Greg being fingerprinted for his background check.


2. Maggie is proud to be an American! Greg and I had an appointment with the US Embassy on Friday morning. The process went very well (compared to the Peruvian process for her birth certificate). We will receive her US passport in the mail by August 21.
Maggie’s mug shot for her passport picture


3. We were able to meet some of the Lima team members we didn’t know and hangout a little while. They are a great group of people. Please keep their team in your prayers. They are settling into their new homes and waiting for the rest of the team members to arrive by the end of the year. We are thankful to have American friends in the big city of Lima. I know that we will draw encouragement and revival from one another in the years ahead.
Peruvian MK’s


teamAREQUIPA and the Lima Team in Lima 2009


So, now we are home–our little family of four. Greg’s mom will be here on the 21st of this month. Mom and Katy made it safely back home. Thanks to all of you that have prayed for us. Specifically, God has answered our prayer for finding a way to get our permanent visas. That is a huge blessing to us here.

Back From Lima

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