2 Ana funnies that I want to record before I forget:

Ana’s prayer before dinner tonight (with the most detail she has ever used)…

Dear God, thank you for Aaron, for Aaron’s room, for elephants, for the park… that it’s not closed, thank you for the red juice and the blue juice (her name for a Power-Aid), for Daddy, for Momma, for Maggie Kate, for the food, and the water, for the light, and Jesus. Amen! Ana has been little Miss Chatty Kathy while we are trying to watch T.V. or have a conversation. She constantly talks in her make-believe world. On one hand it annoys me. On the other hand it cracks me up. Tonight, while we were watching something Ana started fanning a big piece of paper at Aaron (our intern for the summer). She kept saying, “Shoo-Wee! Shoo-Wee, Aaron. You need to change your stinky diaper! Shoo-Wee!” Maybe it is only funny to me, but I wanted to record it.


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