Father’s Day… Peruvian Style

Happy Father’s Day! I think it is so neat that our first Mother’s and Father’s days spent in Peru were with Peruvians (and their delicious Peruvian cuisine). Today, we were abundantly blessed to have a celebratory meal with Manuela and her family. If you don’t remember, Manuela is the dear woman that works for both families 2 days a week. She really is like a grandmother to the girls and we love her so much. She wanted to make a special meal for Greg and Kyle this Father’s Day–Adobo, the traditional special Sunday breakfast meal. She started simmering porkchops in a heavy broth at 10 pm last night and served it to us around 10 am today. The Adobo is served with bread (for great dipping) and followed with a traditional tea. It was the best Adobo I have ever had. In fact, any dish that Manuela prepares is the best I have ever had. We joke that we will one day open up El Restaurante de Manuelita. She is such a great cook.

We invited her family to join her (she has a son and daughter, both married with children). Her son, Wilfredo, and his family came with her. This was an added bonus to the day because we got to see his new car (read our ICDU site if you don’t know about this). He just purchased it this past Friday.
So, we celebrated the Father’s at the table. I want to personally wish my Dad a Happy Father’s Day… you know how much you mean to me. Greg, I am SO proud of the daddy you are to my children. This evening, Ana presented a card to her Daddy along with a Jewish Coffee Cake. Her card read, “Daddy, I love you… SO much!” This is a sweet phrase that the two of them share with each other quite often. Happy Father’s Day, Greg!

Enjoy the pictures from the day…

Father’s Day… Peruvian Style

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