AG—Back to School 2009

Ana Grace had a great first day back to school. Her teacher is Miss Erica (which I will have to get a picture of). Miss Erica is very sweet and bubbly from what we can tell. She told me that Ana did not shed a single tear the whole time, and she was very impressed that I packed an entire plum for her–Ana eats plums whole now (peel and all) and LOVES them. Greg and I felt really good about her first day.

While she was at school, we got to experience the joys of Peruvian life. Greg needed a specific document in order to sign the lease of our new apartment. We waited in line for about 30 minutes and talked to a man that told him what he needed to do: go to the national bank and deposit two different amounts of money into two different accounts. We waited in line at the bank for about 20 minutes and got our receipts. Then, we had to print off our own forms (these places save so much money because they don’t make copies for you and don’t print their own forms for you). Luckily, we have some good friends (another missionary couple) that live in walking distance from the buiding we were in and allowed us to print off the forms. We head back to the building, wait in line about 40 minutes, and see the man again with everything he told us to get. Then, he instructs us to make copies of Greg’s passport, the forms with his stamps, and the receipts. We head across the street to make the copies (the lady has to make a killing off of doing what she does) and then take the forms back to the man. Whew! Mission accomplished. Greg can now legally sign our contract for our new home. It is now time to pick Ana up from school.

We hope your morning was a little more productive than that!

Pictures of Ana’s first day:

Unfortunately, Ana has gotten into the habit of sleeping until around 8 am. This is what I found when I went in to wake her up for school.


First Day Smiles in her Camembert Uniform


Walking to meet the Smith Family. We all rode over in the team vehicle.


Playing with her BFF, Shaye. They are in two different classes this year.


This is Ana’s very first time to have a sucker. Miss Erica gave it to her before we left. I felt like it was well-deserved.


AG—Back to School 2009

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