Analog–23 months

It is one of those times. I know I could wait until she turns 2 next month, but she is doing so many new things I want to record them while I am thinking of them:

1. She can sing all (in a rough form) of “Jesus Loves Me” and the “ABC Song.” She rocks and pats her babies and stuffed toys while singing “Jesus Loves Me” to them. This is obviously how they go the “seep” (sleep).

2. She LOVES Sesame Street characters. Her favorite character has definitely been Elmo, but just recently she has taken a very close liking for Cookie Monster. Her pronunciation of his name goes in the parents’ “favorite all-time Anaisms.” Ready for this? She calls him Cookemponser. You must say all of that quickly and slurred together. Ana’s diapers have different characters on them. She will search through her entire bag of diapers and pull out all of the “Cookemponser” diapers.

3. She has started building with her big leggos a lot more. She loves building a tower (she can’t prnounce the “r”). This morning she looked over at Greg and said, “I boot it!” (I built it.) I will help her with her blocks and she will say “Thanks Mom” after I hand her a piece.

4. She is starting to speak in complete sentences now. Some are really rough, but it is so much fun to hear her speak more. She tells me to “Look!” when she wants my attention. The other night on the bed she got right up in Greg’s face and said, “Look-uh-me, Daddy!” She cracks us up.

5. She goes over to Larissa’s house on Thursdays for “art time.” You would think that every Thursday is Christmas morning. She chants art time while skipping around the house if she thinks we are preparing to go. We have a red blanket that Ana sits on when she wants to color. She absolutely loves to color with crayons and markers. But painting during art time is definitely notches above the crayons. Larissa told me that she knows what colors Ana should have in her new room when we move. Ana always chooses brown, pink, and green. It is a good thing her bedspread is chocolate brown.

6. The girl still loves vegetables. I really can’t think of anything major that Ana won’t eat. So far she really isn’t picky.

7. Some favorite books right now: Love Me Forever, What’s Wrong Little Pookie, anything with counting or the ABC’s, anything with Elmo, and her book of classic stories that Aunt Katy gave her for Christmas.

8. She takes one afternoon nap and sleeps a minimum of 2 hours if she has a good one. She wakes up around 7 am every morning.

9. She informed me that Backyardigans (another favorite show) was over and that “Leezy Town” (Lazy Town) would come on next, but “Daddy. news.” Daddy takes Ana when he comes home from work and they watch CNN together. She associates Daddy with the news.

10. Ever since my parents traveled here she has been intrigued with ehhpanes (airplanes). We are getting on one tomorrow and I think that she thinks we will see Pop and Gram on it. She strongly associates things together once she has expereinced them that way. Kyle and Larissa babysat Ana one night. They ate pizza and also had grapes. Anytime since then that we eat pizza, Ana asks for grapes.

11. Greg is very proud of Ana. She likes to eat “picy” food. (Spicy) Sometimes we say, “No Ana you cannot have that because it is too spicy.” Now if I tell her she can’t have something (like the nuts I was chopping the other day), she looks at me and very animated and questioning says, “Picy?”

12. She loves riding her tricycle.

13. We are trying potty training. I don’t think she will get it until she wears real underwear for a time. For now, she gets a sticker if she sits 3-5 minutes on the “polly” (potty). She will randomly choose times to strip down and earn a chance for a sticker. This always makes me laugh.

14. She has gotten LOTS of spankings and timeouts in the last month of her life.

15. Along with art time I should mention that Ana is on a role with her colors. She loves to point out objects on our strolls or sitting in the house and tell me what color they are. She really is good at this. Our favorite color that she says is “oonge” (orange).

Ana starts back to preschool in 2 weeks. Her verbal skills are so much better than when she was there last. I know that we have a Spanglish Ana on the horizon. For now, those are the things I wanted to record.

Analog–23 months

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