Boiled Custard

Many are familiar with egg nog being a popular Christmas beverage (picture Eddie on Christmas Vacation with his black dickey on under his white sweater and a reindeer punch glass), but my family grew up with the tradition of boiled custard. It is really hilarious to me, because I have concluded that you have to grow up drinking boiled custard to like it. NONE of the in-laws in my family like boiled custard (including my mother who would be considered a Bills in-law). But the bloodline loves it. I have very fond memories of my Great-Granny (Ruby Bills) bringing the boiled custard for Christmas every year. I was blessed to know her and to grow up in the same town. She is no longer with us, but her legacy of boiled custard certainly lives on, right Collin?

Boiled Custard

2 quarts of milk
1 3/4 c of sugar
6 whole eggs beaten well
1 1/2 tsp vanilla

Heat milk almost to boiling point (in double boiler), add a quart of milk to the egg mixture (with sugar added), return back to the rest of the milk stirring constantly for about 10 minutes or until it coats a wooden spoon. Take off of burner and add vanilla.

Boiled Custard

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