Mi Ultimo Dia de 2008

I have completed my last day of Spanish class for 2008! What a great feeling. It feels like I am on Christmas break now. I plan to continue with a private tutor after Christmas, but for now I will enjoy having days without class and homework due for the next day.
Many people ask, “So how is your Spanish?” I don’t particularly like answering this question, because I get tired of explaining that I have a long way to go. But for those of you that have studied Spanish or know anything about grammar, I have successfully completed all of the major rules of grammar, structure, and tenses. I have a long way to go on knowing all the vocabulary and verbs or perfecting my use of irregular verbs, but it is a good feeling to be able to check the list for grammar and structure.
Just to prove to you that I have covered them all, I will share an exercise that my teacher uses for me to practice all of the above. She gives me a verb, I have to conjugate it into all the tenses, and then form a sentence using that verb in each tense.
descubrir = to discover
descubro, descubres, descubre, descubrimos, descubren
Descubro nuevas cosas todos los dias en clase.
I discover new things every day in class.
descubri, descubriste, descubrio, descubimos, descubrieron
Cristobal Colon descubrio Las Americas en 1492.
Colombus discovered the Amicas in 1492.
Preterito Imperfecto
descubria, descubrias, descubria, descubriamos, descubrian
Mientras Cristobal Colon descubria tierras y mas tierras, sus provisiones se agotaban mas y mas cada dia.
While Columbus was discovering land after land, his provisions were depleting more and more each day.
Preterito Perfecto
he descubrido, has descubrido, ha descubrido, hemos descubrido, han descubrido
Has descubrido algo que ayude a mucha gente–a curarse del cancer.
You have discovered something that helps many people–a cure for cancer.
Pluscuam Perfecto
habia descubrido, habias descubrido, habia descubrido, habiamos descubrido, habian descubrido
Cristobal Colon y sus hombres habian descubrido tierra y mucha gente nueva que habian vivido en Las Americas.
Colombus and his men had discovered land and many new people that had lived in the Americas.
decubriria, descubririas, descubriria, descubririamos, descubririan
Descubriria algo que no quiero ver si voy alli.
I could discover something that I don’t want to see if I go in there.
Futuro (I have covered all of them, but I am only recording one tense of future)
descubrire, descubriras, descubrira, descubriremos, descubriran
Descubriran muchas nuevas cosas acerca de ellos mismos despues de que se casen.
They will discover many new things about themselves after they marry.
Now for the fun part… Subjuntivo!
descubra, descubras, descubra, descubramos, descubran
Ojala que los doctores descubran una cura para el cancer pronto.
I hope that the doctors discover a cure for cancer soon.
descubriera, descubrieras, descubriera, descubrieramos, decubrieran
En el supuesto de que el descubriera la cura para el cancer, mi amigo no se morira.
Supposing that he discovered the cure for cancer, my friend will not die.
Preterito Perfecto
haya descubrido, hayas descubrido, haya descubrido, hayamos descubrido, hayan descubrido
Pueda que hayas descubrido la cura si tu hubieses sido un doctor.
You could have discovered the cure for cancer if you had been a doctor.
Preterito Pluscuam Perfecto
hubiese descubrido, hubieses descubrido, hubiese descubrido, hubiesemos descubrido, hubiesen descubrido
Mucha gente no creen que otra persona hubiese descubrido Las Americas antes de Cristobal Colon.
Many people don’t believe that another person had discovered America before Colombus.
So, does that qualify 3 months of studies? If your answer is “no,” you need to come to Arequipa and try studying for yourself. 🙂 I look forward to working on different things after Christmas. I want to become more fluid with my speaking and better at reading out loud. We just started reading some stories this week, and we plan to use the Bible after Christmas. I am very excited about my break and reenergizing myself for next year’s lessons. Que tengas un buen dia!
Mi Ultimo Dia de 2008

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