Sopa de Tortilla Peruana

Is anyone surprised to see a post by me on our family site? I am usually posting my thoughts on my blog, but for this I thought, Why not post it on the family site home page. I had a very real cultural moment today. First of all, our empleada, Manuela, came for her first day. She will be a different post (on my blog). We are on vacation from language school this week because Ana is on Spring Break. I decided that I would try cooking one of my favorite recipes from home (thank you Cindee Stockstill) Tortilla Soup. Now I realize that there are tons of tortilla soup recipes but you just cannot beat this one. It is all cans and you dump them inso easy unless you are living in a country that does not pride itself on convenience.

Here is the recipe if you want something easy to cook tonight:

The American Version
2 cans of 2 different types of beans (we always use black beans for one kind)
2 cans corn
3 cans chicken or beef broth
1 can Rotel
1 jar of Black Bean/White Corn Salsa (Sams Choice is what we used)
cooked diced chicken or cooked ground beef (you could go the vegetarian route but it is a great recipe to use for leftover chicken)
tortilla chips
sour cream (if you are like me)
shredded cheese (cheddar is my preference)

Dump all of the above (excluding the chips, cheese, and sour cream) into a pot. Simmer. Serve over crunched up tortilla chips and add cheese and a dollop of sour cream. Easy and delish!

My New Peruvian Version
4 ears of choclo (corn)
1 bag of black beans
beef bullion cubes
ground beef
Texjoy (the most wonderful ingredient that Gregs family in Port Arthur, TX introduced us to)
crema de leche
grated cheese
salsa ingredients (Deborah, we tried our best):
rocoto peper
3 aji limos (another pepper)
olive oil

Soak beans over night. Cook in pressure cooker the next day (you would be so proud of my new pressure cooker skills Mom!). After beans have cooled in cooker, clean cooker and cook corn. While waiting, prepare beef broth. Cook ground beef and add Texjoy for wonderful flavor. Ask husband to make his famous salsa (always Gregs job). While all of the ingredients from above are mixed and simmering, add salsa when Greg finishes. Serve with Dippas (I am so thankful for this one version of tortilla chips that they have here), crema de leche (which is actually cream that can be turned into whipped cream), and whatever cheese you can find grated at the store already (we really need to buy a cheese graterthey do have imported cheddar).

Greg loved it! And so did Manuela. It was a hit, and even though it took much longer than in the states it is worth the time. So much for quick dinner nights of Tortilla Soup. Unless, of course, I make enough to freeze for another occasion.

Sopa de Tortilla Peruana

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