My All

Are you ever prompted to give God praise in a way that you usually don’t? I am no poet, but in my journaling tonight, in the quiet of this house, I praised God for being my all. I want to share these simple words with you.

My mother, my father, my conception, my birth,
My first step, my first word, my talents, my gifts,
My acknowledgments, my sins, my frustrations, my dreams,
My friends, my choices, my education, my path,
My first kiss, my husband, my traveling, my opportunities,
My mountaintops, my valleys, my blessings, my curses,
My first job, my first house, my retirement, my transitions,
My ministry, my calling, my decision-making, my journey,
My every struggle, my every thought, my heart, my inmost being,
You knew all of these before I was knit in the womb.
My God, my Savior, my Father, my ALL.

My All

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