Moment by Moment

Ana has been really sick for the first time this week. I have endured two sleepless nights and spent all day with her (naps included) except for about 2 hours. Wear me out… I hurt so much when I see her like this. I have heard so many parents reflect on this idea, and a parent really doesn’t learn it until it happens to them.

I realize so many have stories of their child being diagnosed with a disease very early or not even getting to bring a new baby home. I am so thankful that this is not my story, and I take Ana’s health and all of the things that make her healthy for granted. I was thinking today that (it has only been 2 days of her being like this) I would give anything to hear her sweet little coos and sounds of talking when she awakes from her nap. She smiled maybe three times today. I miss her smile.

I really enjoy holding her and being her comfort. It does cause me to reflect on my relationship to God and allowing him to hold me. He is my ever-present comfort. Here are the words to a song that I love. Read the words that Dennis Jernigan wrote about our moment by moment with God:

If I Could Just Sit With You Awhile
Words & Music by Dennis Jernigan

When I cannot feel
When my wounds wont heal
Lord I humbly kneel, hidden in You
Lord, You are my life
So I dont mind to die
Just as long as Im hidden in You

If I could just sit with You awhile
If You could just hold me
Nothing could touch me
Though Im wounded, though I die
If I could just sit with You awhile
I need you to hold me
Moment by moment
Till forever passes by

When I know Ive sinned
When I should have been
Crying out, My God! and hidden in You
Lord, I need You now
More than I know how
So I humbly bow, hidden in You

1992 Shepherds Heart Music, Inc.

Moment by Moment

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