MMS Blessings

I made it to spring break! I wanted to blog about my workplace because it truly has been a blessing to me. I love teaching, and I am one of those weird ones that love middle school children. 7th graders think that they are very grown up, but they still have a sweet innocence to them (even the ones that have seen a lot for their age). As I went through my (what I hope is) my final day of school today, I looked at all those faces, that can get on my last nerve:), and realized that I really am going to miss them. My students always surprise me with their kind words and sweet gifts. One of my students made me a diaper cake. It is so crafty. I will post a picture of it for you to see. Others gave me things from photo albums to chocolate covered strawberries. My sweet, sweet students.

I also want to say that I enjoy my coworkers immensely. I serve with 5 other teachers that share the same group of 7th grade students. We are known as the Bronco Team. I have loved teaching with my teammates, because we really do function as a team. I will miss our conversations and strategy meetings for how to reach certain children. I have certainly grown in my professionalism while working in Marion. I have been given multiple opportunities to participate in conferences and learn how to better prepare myself as a teacher. My principal placed me in the position of Science curriculum coordinator which is really neat since the masters I earned is in Curriculum and Education. My principal also placed me in the position of team leader which gave me many opportunities and situations to act as a leader among my team for students and parents. I have grown in so many ways these past three years because of these opportunities.


I won’t go on and on, but I wanted to share that I was floored by the love and support I received from my MMS baby shower (pictures came from that). Most every worker in my building came to the shower or sent a gift. Most of them know that I will not be returning next year so I received such kind notes in regards to all of that. It really boosted my spirits. I thank God for the love and encouragement I receive from my MMS family. He placed me in an AR school district where I have been molded and changed to be better all around. I thank him for the good and bad times I experienced there because they were all part of the process. I will miss my job at MMS, but I know God used that place to prepare me for something else in the future. Praise be to his name, whatever that something is…



MMS Blessings

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