A Whole Box of Kleenex

It is really easy for me to not think about something if I don’t want to get emotional. If you know me at all, you know that the tears flow pretty naturally if I am touched by something in any way. We are moving from Texas in less than a week. I cannot believe it. Back when we first arrived I thought that I would be so happy for this day to come. We are moving to my home town and working with my home church–my people. I am excited about this transition, but I am also very sad at the same time.

I am very close to my family. It was very hard to think about living in a place that was not a “weekend’s drive” from people that I have always lived close to. Shiloh is Greg’s home church. It is where he grew as a young man and where God first led him on this journey to do mission work. I am so blessed to have spent 6 months with people that love and surround and support my husband. I received the same love from these people that Greg did. I really feel that his people are my people now. I am overwhelmed by the love and support that I feel from this church body and indebted to them for allowing God to mold the man I am in love with through their church. So, I am sad that I am now leaving family (I couldn’t say that 6 months ago). A lesson that God has taught me through this experience is that he provides family wherever there is the church. I long for the day to experience this same feeling with the family of God in Arequipa. This concept is so comforting to me when I think about moving to Peru.

It is very exciting to think about moving to be close to people I love and that have known me my whole life. It is also neat that I get to share my home with my teammates. My people will become their people. BUT… it has really hit me that I only have 6 months left before leaving the country. It probably sounds like I am not excited about moving to Peru. I am. It just so happens that I am feeling about a hundred different emotions when it comes to following what I think is God’s call for our family. I am confident of his power working through us. It’s just that I realize that it won’t be easy, and I am not looking forward to living so far away from everything that is familiar to me. But God will walk with me and he will be my comfort. I cannot believe that we are almost less than a half year from leaving.

I am sure that I can reflect and add more after the move. This is just some of what I am feeling right now. Shiloh is having a special Sunday for the team and the future work in Peru. I told Greg that I am just going to go ahead and plan on taking my whole box of Kleenex. Believe me, I will use it.

God has blessed us so richly this past 6 months. It is so humbling to have so many people support and love us. He has given us more than I could ever ask or imagine.

A Whole Box of Kleenex

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