Anastasia Grace

Anastasia Grace McKinzie was born on March 23, 2007.

8lbs., 13oz., 20in.

For those who don’t know, Anastasia means “resurrection.”  We will call her Ana, but it was important to me that she have a meaningful name.  It probably sounds like we adopted a Russian baby, but I really love her full name.  I hope that she will always be a reminder of resurrection grace to those around her.  On a different note, “Ana” works well in Spanish.  In fact, it will be interesting to see how she adapts to her American family saying her name “wrongly,” because there will be no avoiding Spanish pronunciation every day in Peru.

Some thoughts:

I had never changed a diaper before the 23rd.  I have to say I’m a natural.  Megan couldn’t do much after the c-section, so I got a lot of practice.  Now, I knew that there is always some risk during the changing process, but I did not realize that it would be such a high risk.  Apparently, when Daddy changes the diaper, it is an automatic psychological trigger to go some more.  This inevitably happens while holding up the feet, so that it runs down the back and onto whatever shirt is worn.  Of course, it is impractical to totally disrobe before every changing, which leads me to ask–why all the clothing?  I get that it’s cute, but practically, naked babies are easier to clean and produce much, much less laundry.

I’m adjusting to being called “Daddy.”  “Dad” is not a word that comes easily from my mouth.  Baggage, and connotations, and such.  “Father” is even a title I have struggled to use with God.  It was interesting enough to marry into a family in which the inlaws refer to Dad as Dad.  Now I am the paternal figure, and I have to get used to the ring of that word.  It’s good to be Daddy, but it’s a change.  In many ways, God has redeemed the word for me rather than being stained by it.  I hope to be so good to Ana.

At this point things seem pretty surreal.  It seems like we are baby sitting someone else’s child.  I don’t think it will hit home until I start seeing some of my features in her or more of her personality comes out.  To imagine that she will turn into a sassy little McKinzie is a crazy thought.  I’m looking forward to it.

For pics:

Anastasia Grace

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